A tail story

I was born in a stinky place in Bhubaneswar,yet I opened my eyes to see the world 21 days thereafter. I could hear the squeaky sounds similar to mine nearby,could open my eyes to realise that they are my siblings.. we were a pack of 5 and our mother used to feed us for a while. I would drink milk from her till my heart felt and laze under a banyan tree. We all used to play there;it was our home. I had a different fur color as compared to my siblings.. they looked like my mother. When I questioned her about my different skin,she said that I looked like my father. I had seen my reflection in the puddle nearby; at first I thought it was someone else,but later,I realised it was me. I was a combination of black and yellow. I was handsome!

It was a hot and sultry day,we were all resting together as mother had been out to fetch food for us. A stout man,who stays nearby fed me with chapatis.. they were yum! He took me along with him and I was too hungry to think of anything else. I had my fill as my stomach swelled up like a balloon. I woke up and started barking,asking me to drop me home,but he didn’t bother much. I twirled and sniffed;I was restless,my family might be searching for me. I cried the whole night as I was locked in a room. The next day he carried me in a basket and off we went,leaving his home. I was happy,thinking that I shall be home soon. We kept on travelling for long as we reached a new place,i got a smell similar to that of my body odour. As we got inside a saw many of my kinds,of different size and fur. I was fascinated to see them. The man traded me for money,leaving me alone.

The next day they took me out of my cage and chopped off my tail. It was profusely bleeding and I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t figure out why would they do something so painful to me. I am a good dog. I wailed ,and as the days passed by the pain lessened but my tail didn’t look the same anymore. It was short and I could hardly see any bit of it.

A week passed by,and a little boy came to see me and played with me outside my cage. Soon I was taken out of my cage and was sent alongwith him in return of money. They played with me and feeded me well and we all were one happy family. A month passed by.. I could see disappointment in their eyes. They were not happy to see me; I tried my best to be playful and make them happy but they hated me. I didn’t know where did I go wrong. They would discuss that they were cheated and I am a stray,not a doberman. I barked to ask them what that is,I can be one only if they train me to be so. That would make them happy. But they won’t even come near me. One fine day we all went out for a drive. It was a bright sunny day.. we stopped on the road for a while and got out of the car,but they forgot to let me in. I ran and howled as they drove away,I guess the music was too loud. I tried matching with the pace but I couldn’t catch hold of them anymore. Yet again,I lost my family.

I walked wherever I could,looking for them. I couldn’t find them. I wanted to say them sorry and ask how can I be exactly like they want. I would do it all in return for  the family I have. I ended up at a huge chowk in our city. It is a very crowded.. i thought I would wait for them here,they would visit this place someday. Tired and hungry, I landed up at a fast food restaurant here. I fed on the leftovers of its customers. They would feed me meat and bones,and it tasted better than anything that I have ever thought of. It became my home.

After few days,I started losing my fur and my skin felt itchy all the time. Everytime that I ate the leftovers I would end up feeling sick and itchy. I had lost all hopes and a day’s survival was a battle. There was a jewellery showroom right in front of the restaurant. A young man would come there everyday and would whistle at me. My health condition saddened him.. He would look at me with pitiful eyes and would make sure that I am well-fed all day. He would feed me biscuits as I stopped eating the leftovers. I started recovering. I felt better about my health and even appeared better. Everyone loved me there and I started loving him;he was my rescuer. 

I returned back to my best of health,yet he was there loving me in the same way. The verandah of his showroom became my home,my corridor,my ramp. I would sleep here all day long,waiting for him. Even uf he is there in the city or not his staff would feed me,but seeing him made me happy. Together we would feed others of my kind. Everyone loved him and he deserved it all.One day he touched me for the very first time,and I couldn’t stoo my tears from flowing down. It was for the very first time in ages that I felt love. I was his Kalu and he was my father,my family.

Now,this place is mine,I don’t have an identity crisis anymore. I am glad that I was abandoned so as to found by him. I have this one purpose in life- to love him unconditionally,guard his place and be loyal to him for the rest of my life. I wish he sees me everyday and knows how much I love him and how thankful I am to him. I wouldn’t ask for anything more than what I have now. Being loved by him is life-fulfilling. I hope every dog like me finds a dad like him and no one is ever abandoned or left alone to suffer like me. 


If only…

        As the night rose with pride,I pulled my curtains aside…                                                     Chills ran down my spine and with a glass of wine,                                                              Lost in my own maze,I sat to ponder over my labyrinth…                                                        If only I could hold you back a little longer… hug you a little tighter…                                    If only there wouldn’t have been the sunset, to send you back to your nest…                         If only I could watch you sleep by my side, even the angels would have arride…               If only I could have you in my life forever,didn’t have to let you go ever…                          If only dreams could come true,with every shooting star I would wish for you…              If only there wouldn’t have been so much of sighs,life would have soared highs…

                           If only…